For questions about Cutting Boards-Gazebos-Custom TV Risers-Sheds or ANY wood furniture items that you currently have and wish to make new again...Call Kerry at (315) 559-6140.
Q:Are you open and making TV Risers during this quarantine?
A:Yes, we are proudly taking correct steps to safely remain open for business.

Q:Can you make a TV Riser in white with little to no wood grains showing?
A: Yes, we now have white TV Risers made out of maple wood with no wood grains showing.

Q:What is the darkest stain in brown?
A:Sable stain is a dark deep brown that we now use as the darkest brown stain.

Q:Will you ship to Canada or Hawaii/Alaska?
A:Yes, however it will cost, on average, an extra $125 for extreme tariffs and high shipping costs.

Q:Do all of your TV Risers come fully assembled?
A:All except for the XX-Large Double Top TV Riser - this is far too big to ship safely, however, it is very easy to assemble.

Q:Why did I receive this unattached middle support stick for my X-Large Smooth Top TV RIser and for my XX-Large Double Top TV Riser?
A:We always send all customers that purchase huge TV Risers with unattached middle supports to slide underneath in the middle of your TV Riser to assure it will stay straight for decades to come.

Q:I love my unique cutting board that you made for me and i would like to buy 10 more for gifts as they are the perfect camp and man-cave cutting boards..do you give discounts for buying 10 or more?
A:Yes, buy 10 items and the 11th is FREE!

Q:Do you make Gazebos for Hot Tubs that are 100% screened?
A:Yes, we make a 12' x 12' Gazebo with screened walls/under floor-bone dry and mosquito free with a door opening of 78" high and 34" wide.

Q:How long does it take to get my TV Riser?
A:Usually 5 to 9 business days from purchase to shipping, however custom orders may take a few days longer. (Also takes longer during November and December)

Q:Do you make Desks or Dressers?
A:Yes; For local customers only we make Sheds, Dressers, Home Office Desks, Shoe Racks and Furniture products out of solid oak wood and deliver anywhere 100 miles from Syracuse, NY.

Q:Will you do a Mission style TV Riser with 30"Wide x 12"Deep x 7"High?
A:Yes, Absolutely! Our standard Mission style TV Riser ($139.99) is 28" x 12" x 6" so there will be a small price increase of only $15.00. Thank you for asking.

Q:Can you make a custom Large TV Riser 28"Wide x 14"Deep x 9"High in dark walnut?
A:Yes, for a small additional cost I will make almost any size you need.

Q:I am not sure what stain color I need, please help?
A:Visit minwax stains guide. They have a stain chart for Minwax Wood Finishes to help you determine what color you need.

Q:If I order a cherry Large TV Riser will it be the same cherry as the Lazy Susan TV Riser on your products page?
A:Yes, all "Cherry" TV Risers will be traditional (light) cherry stained. We do not do Dark Cherry TV Risers. Unfortunately, there are too many Dark Cherry shades to try and match.

Q:What if I need a Dark Black Cherry stain to match my cabinetry?
A:Please order Black, we do not stain dark black cherry TV Risers because it won't match and will look terrible. By ordering black you will enhance the looks of your dark cherry cabinet. Also, a black TV Riser looks great with a black TV and cablebox!

Q:Can you make an X-Large TV Riser unfinished, so I can stain myself?
A:Yes, I will be happy to make your TV Riser smooth and unfinished.

Q:Can you make an X-Large TV Riser with NO back board so I can put my center channel speaker under it?
A:No, it is unsafe to make a Riser with no back board. However, I can open up the back by adding two triangle corner joists, attaching the top to the sides. This will not comprimise strength, and it will allow you to place your center channel speaker inside.

Q:Your Sound Bar TV Riser is 3" TOO wide, can you make one 37" wide and if so, how much?
A:Yes, and there is NO ADDITIONAL COST when ALL dimensions are smaller than a standard size riser!

Q:I need an Extra Large with 2 back holes for wiring, is there an extra charge for this customization?
A:There is NO extra charge for additional cutouts

Q:What is an Extra Large Center Channel Speaker TV Riser and is there an extra charge for Golden Oak stain?
A:It is the same price and dimensions, 30 x 17 x 8 (outside) or 27 x 16 1/4 x 7 1/4 (inside),as an Extra Large TV Riser. However, the back board is replaced with 2 triangle corner joists. This opens up the back dramatically yet maintains the strength and safety. There is NO additional charge for different wood stain colors (No polyshades).

Q:With the 1/2" groove top, what is the actual usable space on top of a large riser?
A:All Risers have this 1/2" decorative groove top unless customized without it. This takes away 1" of usable space on both width and depth.

Q:Do you ship to APO addresses for military personnel?
A:Yes, we are proud to help out all military services, teaming up with USPS for APO addresses!

Q:I live in Canada and would like to pick up my TV Riser when I am driving through Syracuse, NY. Can I meet you at your workshop on a scheduled day?
A:Yes, we would be glad to meet you for your pick-up. Please call, (315) 559-6140, 24 hours before our scheduled meeting.

Q:Can you make Speaker Stands 30"H x 10"W x 14"D?
A:No, I am sorry. However we do not make Speaker Stands anymore.

Q:Can you make me a TV Riser out of cherry wood?
A:No, I only use Red Oak wood. (Choice, kiln dried, high quality wood)

Q:Do you have a website that I can send you a photo of my dresser and/or riser?
A:Yes, please use our email for any questions you may have, syracusetvrisers@yahoo.com. If you need help choosing a stain closest to your furniture to match, please feel free to send us photos and we will help you choose a stain best suited to match. Also, we LOVE to see our risers in use. If you don't mind us using an image of your riser in use please feel free to email it to us. Visit our Facebook page to view other customers risers in use, as well as stay up to date with current events.

Q:I live in Syracuse, NY and would like someone to give me a quote on a custom riser?
A:We give FREE "in home" estimates in terms of measuring your TV base and components for a perfectly customized TV Riser or speaker stands. However, we only travel in the Central New York area.