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"Just a quick note acknowledging receipt of and thanking you for the custom TV Riser. The TV Riser was well packaged and is solidly constructed. Truth be told, the TV Riser was not for me, but rather my girlfriend which was the reason for multiple emails confirming measurements. I had to be sure her other electronics i.e. DVD, stereo, etc. fit in the pockets. The bottom line is that she is happy with her new custom TV Riser. FYI, I first saw your TV Risers on Amazon. Thank you!"
- David O. - California | February 2022
"Thank you! I am happy to report that the TV Riser I ordered arrived on time, carefully packed, and in excellent condition. It is safely placed where it allows easier TV viewing. The quality of your product is exceptional. I appreciate that the TV Riser is above all expectations. It restores confidence in my being able to order online and know that the product advertised is skillfully constructed and as beautiful as promised."
- Denise H. - California | January 2022
"Love love LOVE my TV Riser. Arrived only 7 days from purchase. You undersold how beautiful my TV Riser is Kerry. Wife is so pleased with her birthday TV Riser. Thank you, thank you!"
- William M. - Colorado | September 2021
"OMG! Love your TV Risers. Just purchased my 3rd TV Riser and it automatically arrived with a middle vertical support stick. I slid it underneath and BAM!! It locked into a 3rd leg like support when I placed my TV on top of the TV Riser. Brilliant idea!!"
- Kim G. - New York | August 2021
Q: "My son and I absolutely love your products, especially your 40" Sound Bar TV Riser. We bought our first sound bar TV Riser back in 2013 and this one today is even better. The price is $20 higher and I know this TV Riser will last another 90-100 years but my son is in college and he doesn't understand why the price went up?"

A: "Hi Dan, we have improved our wood quality and continue to hand sand our TV Risers. However the big difference is our new C.C Router from AXYZ paired perfectly with our CAM Software. We had to raise our prices to offset UPS 20% raise, wood costs 15% raise and boxes 10% raise."

- Dan P. - Pennsylvania | July 2021
WOW!!! Excellent workmanship and solid construction. Dont waste your time with other TV Risers/Stands - you will not find another Riser/Stand made this well with SOLID WOOD at this price! This TV Riser holds my Sony 65" OLED perfectly and the shelf below allows for multiple components with 2 large access ports for cords/cables/air flow. I just ordered my second riser for another room!! Excellent communication and packaging!!"
- B. McIntosh. - Florida | June 2021
"I just installed your TV Riser under my new LG 65" TV with the additional Roku Smart Sound Bar paired with Roku's wireless sub-woofer. Prior to the installation of your TV RIser, I was disappointed with the treble response from the sound bar. The tweeters fire out diagonally from the ends of the sound bar, which produced an overwhelmingly large bass response. I placed the front face of the sound bar even with the front edge of your TV Riser and it transformed the sound to my ear as nearly perfect. I was able to turn on the bass boost on the sound bar and have what sounds to me as near perfect concert sound. At the moment I am watching / listening to an Eagles concert on Axs TV and loving every minute of it (even the commercials sound great). We modified the height of your TV Riser to 3 1/2". This fits the sound bar perfectly. There is a 2 3/4" opening on either side of the sound bar to allow the treble to be captured and be aimed at the viwer. I know this is a long e-mail, but I really think you are on to something here. Maybe you could contact Roku and demonstrate to them the enhancement that your product provides. Please find the attached photo. Thank you again."
- Mark H. - Indiana | May 2021
"We love the custom TV Riser you made for us! It's well-made, sturdy, beautiful, and my very tall (5 3/4") ZVIX SB 380 Sound Bar fits under it beautifully. The stand for our 65" LG OLED CX TV fits on it perfectly with just enough room to spare on all sides. The support stick was just slightly short, which turns out is great because that meant I had room to stick it to the underlying cabinet with a thickness of museum putty to hold it in place. Link to picture is below. Thanks again. We couldnt be happier with your work."
- Curtis J. - California | April 2021
"I wanted to send a note along to thank you. The riser arrived and it's exactly what I was looking for. Not only that, the paint color almost perfectly matches the current furniture. I appreciate the craftsmanship, and the turnaround time. Excellent all around."
- Robert H. - Massachusetts | March 2021
"Great product. Quick delivery to Canada now with USMCA. Seller was prompt answering questions before the sale, and followed up afterward. I wish all businesses were like that. No doubt that the riser will hold up to the weight of the TV, since i was able to stand on it myself!"
- Jason O. - Ontario, Canada | February 2021
"I received your Solid Hand Crafted TV Riser this evening. It was superbly made and I appreciate your worksmanship. Thanks again!"
- Ken B. - California | January 2021
"Vicki and I could not be happier with your work. You did everything you said and at a very respectable price too! I always said that Quality pays not costs when presenting Oakwood Interiors products. We definitely got a custom piece at a low price. I couldn't find any other riser to fill the bill like yours does. Thanks a bunch!"
- Walter H. - Oregon | December 2020
"Here are some pictures of the outstanding TV Riser you built us for our Sony 75" 8K TV! You can see you got the dimensions perfectly measured and our Sennheiser Ambeo Sound Bar is now a perfect fit for the TV. The crftsmanship and quality on your TV Riser is second to none and it looks excellent on our Ethan Allen entertainment center! I could not be happier with this purchase! The quality and craftsmanship is so superb, I'm buying a riser for my son's gaming TV in his room! Thanks again for a fantastic experience! This stand far and away exceeded my every expectation and hope! Bravo!
- Jim M. - North Carolina| December 2020
"OMG The Black no grain Large TV Riser paired wonderfully in my bedroom with my piano black dresser. Sooo glad that your company is still working during COVID and super thank you for sterilizing TV Riser before shipping to me. Happy Holidays!!"
- Casie K. | November 2020
"My 4th TV Riser was delivered today and I just love it! This is my first white TV Riser for my kitchen TV and now I will be prdering 2 more for my childrens Xmas gifts. Great solution to raise TV and place cable box underneath. My wife thanks you for delivering TV Risers to our childrens addresses!!"
- Dave C. - Georgia | October 2020
"Worth the wait, worth the money. I purchased a Black XXX-Large Double Top TV RIser for my 80" OLED TV after talking to the owner - Kerry. He had to deliver this 6 FT TV Riser unassembled because it could have been broken during shipping from Syracuse, NY to San Francisco, California. It only took me 20 minutes to assemble and I now feel like I had a big part in the custom build! Thank you for your superior product and easy to follow assembly instructions!"
- Steven L. - California | September 2020
"Received the riser a day early and I absolutely love it! The item was packaged very well and the quality is superb. I replaced my previous cheap support during the storm today and I attached a few photos of the final configuration sitting on a dresser in our master bedroom. The TV is a 2020 model Samsung 65" QLED with a matching Q850T Sound bar, total weight approximately 70 lbs. The riser is very sturdy and the custom aspect really adds to the elegance of the entire system. Thanks for everything and if possible i'll definitely refer you if the opportunity arises!"
- Robert M. - Delaware | August 2020
"True Quality - If you have a small TV stand and need a sound bar for quality sound, this is the right product for your needs. The ;arge TV Riser worked perfect for my 40" TV allowing my Bose solo sound bar to fit underneath perfectly! A bit pricey but what isn't these days. The quality and strength allow me to support my TV for decades and decades.!"
- Mili M. - Vermont | July 2020
"Just wanted to say Thank You. Unfortunately, for some time now, it has been my experience that businesses seldom fulfill their promises or live up to expectations. You, on the other hand, exceeded expectations. You made a finely crafted product complete with thoughtful extras like the bumpers on the bottom of the riser, delivered it exactly when you said you would, and packaged the riser in a truly impressive way. Once again, thank you."
- John P. - Illinois | June 2020
"I just wanted to take the time to send you an email of gratitude. We received our Sound Bar Riser, and better than we could have imagined. The craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetic is out of this world. Looked for a long time for something that would solve our issue of elevating our TV to accomodate our bar while not taking away from the sophisticated look of our television. Your product is perfect. We have an LG OLED TV, and your stand is the perfect compliment. Attached to this email are a few pictures. It may be hard to see the riser, but that's the point! It blends in perfectly. Also, product aside, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your kindness, and for accomodating my requests. This couldnt have been a better experience. All the best."
- David N. - New York | May 2020
"Our riser came exactly as advertised which was expertly crafted. Very impressed with the workmanship. The communication was very commendable. I had many questions and he offered excellent advice replyinh almost instantly. Riser arrived packaged as though an expensive antique from Italy - Marked FRAGILE, ref movie Christmas Story - My wife sells and ships and impressed with shipping!!"
- Joseph M. - Illinois | May 2020
"Hi there, I just wanted you to know that I very much appreciate your gesture and I am very happy with my purchase from you. I will absolutely recommend you and will put up a 5 star review on Amazon. The next time I need a TV Riser I will come straight to you. Thank you very much!"
- Kai J. - California | April 2020
"Great response to my custom order request. Sent me exactly what I needed, quickly, and for a reasonable price. I couldn't have asked for a better, well made riser to fit my needs!!"
- Aaron P. - Kentucky | March 2020
"Thank you, thank you, for making my white Sound Bar TV Riser. I challenged you to make it with little to no wood grains and you overachieved. I will be ordering again soon. You really should start making white TV Risers, just saying!"
- Kyle K. - Colorado | March 2020
"When I opened the tightly and very securely sealed box you sent me, I was so excited to see what you had created for me. It is absolutely beautiful!! At first, I thought it might have been not wide enough, but once I got it into my entertainment armoire, it was the perfect size!! I am also very satisfied with the black color you persuaded me into ordering and the fine craftsmanship of this riser. It's very sturdy and high quality. I LOVE! As you can see, it fits perfectly in my armoire and there is plenty of space so that the TV and my DVD player won't overheat. I'm planning on getting a Blu-Ray player someday and that will go on the first shelf. The shelf itself sits a bit higher than I thought, but thats fine because now I can watch TV from my kitchen without missing half of the bottom of my screen overlooking my kitchen counter, which is about 30 feet away from my living room. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful riser for me. Sorry, but I dont have Facebook or do social media to share my positive review. I just wanted to thank you for speaking to me, walking and sharing step by step the process of fulfilling my order, and for safely and securely shipping the riser to me so quickly. You are a true professional and craftsman and I am abundantly please with the quality of work you did on this project.
I wish you all the best if I dont hear back from you. Im sure you must have plenty of orders and followers just waiting to see what you will do for them. Take care. Have a great weekend!"

- Sandra G. - Arizona | February 2020
"Good morning Patrick, Our TV Riser arrived safely last Tuesday - beautifully packed and completely intact. We have set it up with our sound bar and love it. The size and color are perfect. It does the job and fits beautifully with our other equipment. Thank you so much for your excellent product, speed of construction and shipping, and your pleasant professional handling of the entire process. You took our phone call out of the blue, understood exactly what we needed, and custom made our riser quickly. We are thrilled. We'll leave a rave review on Amazon, where we found you."
- Mary C. - Rhode Island | January 2020
"Hi Patrick, My riser arrived this morning. I am very happy with your craftsmanship. You are, by far, the best at what you do and I appreciate the special products and services you provide. Rest assured that I will sing your praises on your website and on Amazon. You really do provide a fine product with good value."
- Bennett L. - Florida | December 2019
"I needed a custom build that was almost twice the size of the unit the seller was offering. The seller was prompt with replies, very accomodating, customized every single dimension, and still shipped it very quickly. I received it a few days ago, and it fits everything I needed it to while looking even better than I hoped. Highly recommend. I will definitely be purchasing from this seller again."
- Jessica K. - California | November 2019
"OMG. I have mad love 4 U and your company. My triple tier Black TV Riser is the BEST! I put my cable box on the middle shelf and my sound bar on the bottom shelf and it looks over the TOP!!!"
- Ty G. - Alabama | October 2019
"Black Custom TV Riser is perfect in my college dorm. Kerry made a custom Riser for my Roku smart TV for upward viewing. Gaming and TV viewing is so much better. Nearly all of my dorm has purchased TV Risrs from Syracuse TV Risers. Thank you for providing an excellent product, service and follw up."
- Brian C. - New York | September 2019
"I was worried about the bottom of the TV Riser scratching my new dresser and was excited to see rubber bumpers stuck to the bottom of my new amazing TV Riser when it arrived. I love this company and their products! Time to get another TV Riser for my living room!!"
- Johnny N. - Georgia | August 2019
"This guy was amazing! Product is extremely well built and he allowed me to customize the dimensions.. and allowed me to change the dimensions after I made a mistake, all at no extra cost. I will order from Syrcuse TV Risers again in a heartbeat."
- B. Maffett - Texas | July 2019
"Hi Patrick, received it. Very pleased with the riser. Very sturdy. Perfect for our 55 inch TV and we like the fact that it is made out of real northern red oak. Thanks very much."
- Tim S. - Maine | June 2019
"Hey Patrick, Received the riser yesterday and I've got to say this may be one of the best purchases I've ever made...from start to finish. I want to thank you for working with me throughout and the riser itself is just awesome. Thanks so much. Hope to do business with you again. Enjoy the holiday weekend."
- Richard Z. - New York | May 2019
"Hello Patrick, just opened up the box. What an outstanding job you did to meet my specs and the finish is amazing. Thanks so much. I'll most definitely use you again. I'll tell my family and friends also. Thanks again."
- Ron C. - New York | May 2019
"Great stand! The stand is real wood and made in America. America!! Sure, you can find less expensive TV Risers, but I dont want cheap Chinese crap ANY MORE!! Buy this! You could park your car on it."
- C. Gardner - Virginia | April 2019
"My wife spole with Kerry Patrcik Hanifin trying to decide what product would be best for our needs. Patrick then offered a custom sized to handle all the weight and sway. Susanne and Patrick decided on a solution and it more than exceeded expectations. Fit and finish are all first class as was the packaging inside and out to protect in transit. Patrick we want to thank you again for your help. It will be a pleasure to offer his contact should i find someone looking for a riser."
- Bill L. - Texas | March 2019
"The quality of the riser I received is excellent. It is sturdy and has an attractive finish. The riser fits our needs perfectly. I was also impressed that the seller contacted me with details regarding shipment date. I would certainly recommend this product and company to others."
- Brenda C. - Ohio | March 2019
"Great item. This is NOT some cheap chinese crap like you can find on here. This is nicely made and really strong. I could probably park my car on it. These guys are great to deal with and will help you out with any issues. Buy this!"
- Chris G. - Virginia| February 2019
"Hi, Kerry. Just wanted to thank you for the soundbar TV Riser. The custom riser looks great and it fit perfectly on my console. It's just the right size for my Sonos Beam soundbar. I want to add that the workmanship and attention to detail is far more superior than other Risers I seriously considered. So glad I came across your website. Couldn't be happer with my order."
- Dan R. - Texas | February 2019
"Beautiful addition to our entertainment set up. Lighter that we expected but it's made of solid wood with excellent workmanship. My center channel speaker fit great on top of this well-built Riser. This is an excellent product and well worth the money. It arrived ahead of the expected delivery schedule as well. Thank you Amazon and Syracuse TV RIsers."
- W. Morrow - Texas | January 2019
"Hi Patrick, today my parents received the TV Riser that you made for them. We wanted to write you a note to thank you. It is perfect, and we couldn't be happier with the product. The measurements are just right....the color...everything! Thanks again."
- John C. - Colorado | January 2019
"Syracuse TV Risers is one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Their customer relations is off the chart. After realizing I ordered a riser that wouldn.t accommodate my TV Kerry promptly worked with me until we were able to come up with a solution. And to put the icing on the cake my new TV Riser is awesome. Great workmanship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
- M. Crain - Michigan | December 2018
"Hi Kerry, I received my Riser on Friday, and it is as good as promised. 5 Stars! Beautiful work. Exactly as I ordered, and great customer service too. Please feel free to use my comments."
- Steven G. - December 2018
"Hi Kerry, my name is Marilee and Bonnie is my siter. I ordered the TV Riser and sent it to her home as an early Christmas gift for her and my mom. The TV Riser will compliment a Samsung 48in 4K UHD that I'll deliver in December. Thanks for the shipping update. Bonnie received/opened the package yesterday and report the riser arrived in great condition. Finally, thanks for producing a very useful and affordable product. I was easily able to tell from your website the TV Risers you offer are well made and beautifully crafted. Thanks again, Marilee."
- Marilee M. - Pennsylvania | November 2018
"Kerry, received the Riser today. Another quality piece of work and craftmanship. Thank you again."
- Brian T. - Maryland | October 2018
"I never write reviews, but this product is so well made that I must comment on its workmanship and strength. It is exactly what we needed to support our TV, giving it the extra height needed for its location. Great to receive a well constructed product."
- Tim S. - Texas | October 2018
"Dont shy away because of the price. This thing is awesome and is exactly what I was looking for size wise. And no assembly required. It is nice to unbox and set up. Would buy again without hesitation."
- Mary M. - Ohio | September 2018
"Thank you for the TV RIser. It looks great and you were right about going with black. Excellent craftmanship.
My wife and I are very happy and glad that it's made here in our beautiful country. I'll make sure to recommend your company to friends and family."

- Julian O. - Florida | September 2018
"The riser is well built and has a ton of size options. In the XX-Large Double Top, my center channel fit perfectly and it is more than large, stable and sturdy enough for my 75in. Samsung."
- Ron D. - New York | August 2018
"Thanks for the order confirmation, Kerry. This will be the third TV Riser we ordered from you; got one years ago + a 4-Tier in 2014. And yes, I'm sure we'll love it. We just got a very big TV and the two 4-Tier Risers will provide a stable base for it and space for the many 'boxes' [cable, game consoles, DVD, VCR, etc.] that will be attached to it!"
- David S. - California | August 2018
"Our riser has arrived and we couldn't be happier with the fit and quality of the construction! There really is no competition between your product and anything produced on the large scale, we know that it will look like new for years, just like the other one we have from you, currently 4 years old. Thank you again!"
- Jessie E. - New Hampshire | July 2018
"Thank you for the riser. It arrived on time and we are very happy with it. The speaker fits inside just fine and it nicely accommodates our new TV."
- Marnie A. - California | June 2018
"I ordered a TV Riser from your company. The customer service and communication was great. The quality of the riser was very good and it really made a big difference not only in viewing the shows but the sound of the television. I would highly recommend this company and their Risers. Thanks again for the customer service and the quality of your product. Take care."
- Nicole L. | May 2018
"Dear Kerry, I received my TV Riser in good order last week and I'm sooo happy with the whole experience!! When I was confused about the size I would need for my situation, I decided to call you, and you took me right in hand and came up with the perfect solution, at a lower cost to me than I first expected to pay! Then you accommodated me by making two holes at the back instead of one for easier hookup. When the riser arrived, it was packaged sooo well that there was not a scratch or dent on it. And it;s beautiful too. Thank you Kerry, for making such a nice, sturdy, well-thought out product. And mostly, thank you for such a pleasant buying experience. Nowadays that's not always how things go, so it's nice to know that somewhere in the States there is someone who cares about the customer and about the product he makes. I will always be happy to recommend you and your company."
- Louise B. - Virginia | March 2018
"Dear Mr. Hanifin, Thank you so much for making a quality piece of furniture. Careful packing and shipping ensured safe arrival and timely delivery. The black 36 in. TV Riser fits perfectly in front of an unused white marble fireplace which has a 36 in opening. With a 36 in wide TV, it's elegant and unobtrusive. The traditional styling of the riser allows modern technology to be at home in a formal living room."
- Lam. - Minnesota | January 2018
"Kerry, I received my TV Riser today. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! It is very well made, and does exactly what I wanted. You obviously took great pains in perparing it for shipping, as it arrived in perfect condition. Feel free to use this in your Reviews section."
- Robert C. | December 2017
"Hey Kerry, Just took delivery of my riser ... absolutely gorgeous job and amazing workmanship. Thank you very much! I will see if I can put in a good word for you on AVS forum and drum up some more well deserved business for you! Best Regards."
- Rick D. - Alabama | August 2017
"I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I did not like my TV and sound bar setup originally - it was messy, tacky. This RISER coordinated and fits so perfectly that it seems to have all been purchased together. The black finish is on point; makes it the TV and sound bar so uniform. Thank YOU so very very much ! Packing was superb! Love the multiple little bumper feet too! Amazing product!"
- Kay W. - Texas | July 2017
"Hey there, Received my TV Riser (custom made by your firm) yesterday (Friday) arrived as promised, right on time. I cannot thank you enough, it is PERFECT...in all aspects..fits my TV location just as you told me it would...! It has two wire/cable outlets for my Dish Satellite receiver, and my two Sony BluRay players...one is an all region player as I get a lot of dvds/blurays from England/Australia, and the other one is a 4K player...! I will email you a photo of my set up this weekend...! Thank you for your products...I will recommend your firm to my friends/associates...! Sincerely, Wes C."
- Wes C. - Colorado | July 2017
"I called Syracuse TV Risers (315-559-6140) on Monday and Kerry asked me a few measurement questions pertaining to my TV base. He took my payment over the phone and shipped my beautiful custom triple tier TV Riser with a bottom board 7 days later. I freakin love this TV Riser! From phone call to delivery took only 9 days. Very impressive. Thank you Kerry. Thank you Syracuse TV Risers.
- Robert F. - North Carolina | June 2017
"I ordered a Black Sound Bar TV Riser on Monday and it was shipped out to me on Wednesday. I couldn't believe how strong and beautiful my TV Riser is. Syracuse TV Risers far exceeded my expectations and this will last a lifetime. It is so worth the price!"
- Ken T. - Connecticut | June 2017
"Hi Kerry, I received the Riser in good shape - it was very well packed. The dimensions are fine and it has helped with the audio issue that I was looking to fix. Thanks and good luck with your business."
- Dave L. - Illinois | May 2017
"I ordered my first TV Riser from Syracuse TV Risers on Amazon. Then I saved $40 by ordering my next two TV Risers from their website www.syracusetvrisers.com. I absolutely love all 3 of my TV Risers because I know solid quality and these guys bring nothing but the best quality from the wood to the amazing stains. Thank you Kerry and your kind crew members."
- Lori N. - Pennsylvania | May 2017
"Hi Kerry. Just wanted to let you know how much the wife and I love our TV Riser! It turned out beautifully! This is one really fine piece of furniture and the black finish works perfectly! I give you props for the packaging too! Thanks for solving our vexing problem for accommodating my center channel speaker. Please feel free to add this to all the wonderful reviews on your website. Now what else do you make?"
- Leon P. - Texas | April 2017
"We love it! It was packaged very professionally, is sturdy and very attractive. Perfect for us. Can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me."
- Ira P. - New York | March 2017
"This may be the best I've ever purchased from Amazon. It serves to hold my audio/visual components under my large screen TV hanging on the wall. It's "Footprint" is smaller than other units available BUT holds everything. Constructed of thick solid wood, stained and sealed indicates its quality. It comes assembled. I could not have obtained a nicer unit for my needs. Great workmanship!!"
- Alen C. | February 2017
"I received it andd think it looks and functions perfectly! Thank you for your craftsmanship and your kind help on putting in the order."
- Sue C. - Ohio | January 2017
"As promised I've attached a photo of the customized TV Riser you made for me...I think it looks awesome with my AV system!! The Riser is definitely a top quality and solid piece and you were spot on with the measurements I gave you.. it all worked together perfectly. I especially appreciate the fast turnaround and personal delivery...Thank you! "
- Alan B. - New York | November 2016
"The Riser arrived late this afternoon and is just what was needed for the new TV. Everything about this transaction - responsiveness, workmanship, delivery - has been beyond my expectations. Thank you very, very much!
- Greg P. - New Jersey | October 2016
"We are very happy with our TV Riser. We looked a long time and could not find anything to work on our chest of drawers. So happy we found Syracuse TV Risers. The Riser was made just the way we wanted to our specs. We knew when to expect it and how it would arrive. Great company to do business with. Thank you."
- Martin K. - Oregon | October 2016
"I received my TV Riser today. It is absolutely perfect and so beautiful. The quality is above and beyond what I was hoping for. I am so happy! Thank you for everything. It is exactly what I have been looking for. If I need another TV Riser in the future, I will make sure to let you know. Thank you again."
- Sally M. - Vermont | September 2016
"Received our custom made Riser yesterday. Wow, it was so well packaged I could barely get all the protective bubble wrap off! With that said, it's obvious that it arrived all the way to Indiana in perfect condition! The riser is exactly what we needed for our cabinet. Syracuse TV Risers made it exactly the way we requested. The black goes well with the TV and it actually adds to the whole look of the cabinet, which is reddish oak. Can't say enough about their service and friendliness!! Thanks so much for such a quality item!!"
- Diane C. - Indiana | August 2016
"Hi Patrick. Your box arrived Thursday ahead of schedule. I opened it up yesterday, and got it set up. Fine workmanship - you did a great job - thanks so much - and it was well packed. We could have gone one inch deeper - I thought I took into account the speaker grill. (Not complaining - just for future reference if you get another client with the Axiom center speaker.) I'll take a photo - promise. Wanted to say thanks. You have a perfect niche business - you fill a need, and you've got national exposure through Amazon. Hope that's going well for you. We might do business again - we have another TV system at our vacation home. I've resisted the 5.1 there, but it might be feasible with another one of these TV Risers. Thanks again."
- Jim L. - CA | July 2016
"Kerry. We received the TV Riser today. "Perfect" Looks great, built great, our Bose Solo 15 fits perfect. Very nice work. Thank you we are very happy with it."
- L.Lopez - CA | June 2016
"I wanted to let you know that the craftsmanship is of the highest quality and the dimensions are just as I wanted. Its front does not block the screen or IR sensor. Thank you so much for also adding the removable center support. Those little extras go a long way. I have attached some pictures."
- Jason M. | May 2016
"I AM SO HAPPY that your company came to my house in Rochester, NY TO DELIVER AND SET UP MY HUGE custom TV Riser. My new TV riser is so strong and beautiful and I like how it is uniquely hand crafted. This is not a cookie cuuter type furniture that is weak/cheap and falls apart in a few years. Very wonderful that your website is on the back of the TV Riser so that I can easily find you when I order another one... You and your employees are so kind and helpful to my entire family. I really do mean it when I say please stop by anytime you are in the Rochester area. I wish all companies went out of their way like you do Kerry for senior citizens that have a difficult time getting around... My sincere thanks."
- Jimmy W. - Rochester, NY | April 2016
"Hello Kerry, the TV Riser arrived yesterday and it looks great! Love the wood grain, the color of the stain, and it is really solid and well portioned. Looks terrific in our living room. Altogether delighted with it. Many thanks for putting out such a well crafted item."
- Len W. - OHIO | March 2016
"I got the riser yesterday and installed it. Looks amazing and it fits great. It looks like it's actually part of the cabinet we have. I LOVE IT. I will try to email you some photos to your Facebook page - Syracuse TV Risers. Thank you for everything!"
- C. Mahoney - NY | February 2016
"I received my first TV Riser yesterday and I wanted to let you know how great it looks and the custom size fits great on my new TV. It is perfect and allows for my receiver, Blu-Ray and cable box all fits below with room to spare. It really is a beautiful piece of furniture. I can't wait to get the 2nd one. MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again and a pleasure doing business with you."
- Joe P. | January 2016
"Hi Kerry. Good morning. I got your riser yesterday. It's a quality piece, the superb work of a craftsman. It suits my need to a Tee. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You and the family."
- Ciro | December 2015
"We just installed the TV Riser. The quality is phenomenal. I highly highly recommend this seller - package was meticulous. Riser raises the level of our television to the perfect height. We have a 60" Samsung with a wide base and the size of the X-Large TV Riser was a perfect fit. We would definitely buy from seller again."
- C. Johnson. | December 2015
"Love it!!! My posture has already improved ... Fast UPS shipping."
- C. Willis. | November 2015
"The TV RIser is extremely sturdy and looks even better than it does online ... This piece was exactly what we needed at the perfect dimensions. Very heavy construction and beautifully finished."
- Amazon | October 2015
"This is my 4th TV Riser from Syracuse TV Risers. The beauty and strength is unmatched. I love having a TV Riser under all of my flatscreens. Kerry built this one custom for my man cave theater and it is amazing. Great guys, great products, greats prices. Thank you for everything!"
- S. Jackson. | September 2015
"Hey Kerry, Just wanted to send a quick note to say that I received the riser, and give you absolute accolades for your fantastic workmanship and quality. You truly are a craftsman. If anyone asks me, hands down, go to www.syracusetvrisers.com, and you will not be disappointed. Thank you for your great work."
- Thomas M. | August 2015
"Hi Patrick, the TV Riser arrived today and it looks great. Exactly as promised, quick turnaround and a fantastic price. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for small woodworking projects. Thank you."
- Alex W. | July 2015
"I received my TV Riser this evening and couldn't be more pleased!!! Thank You, Thank You!!! I will be letting everyone I know from whom I obtained my TV Riser ... sure am glad I found you on the internet and that you were so very kind and helpful in providing exactly what I needed to allow me to have my new TV fit into the old built-in cupboard ... the new TV is now at exactly the height I needed it to be and allows for better enjoyment in watching the new TV!!! Should I find the eed for another TV Riser, you can be assured that I will be a returning customer!!!"
- Janie C. | June 2015
"I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our TV Riser! We previously had one that was made of mdf and because of the weight of the TV, it quickly sagged in the middle. I resorted to ordering another mdf stand with a brace in the middle and hoped it would work. It arrived damaged and when I tried to reorder it was no longer available (thankfully!) So my search began again and instead of searching 'tv stand' I somehow stumbled across the term 'tv riser' and that's how I fortunately found you! The riser is obvioulsy sturdy but it also looks beautiful. I especilly appreciate how quickly you responded to my questios regarding a custom size and how quickly the riser arrived after I ordered. Thank you again for everything."
- Andrea B. | June 2015
"Great TV Riser Kerry, your sound bar TV Riser fit my Yamaha Sound Bar perfectly. Thanks again for your help. If I need to get more TV Risers I know where to go now..."
- Gary P. | June 2015
"Riser received. OMG I wish I neededmore. Absolutely perfect. I couldn't believ how well it was packed. The quality and workmanship is fantastic and looks great. I will definitely let everyone know where it was made. Use this as a review. Thanks again."
- Mark P. | May 2015
"Hi Patrick. The riser arrived on Saturday. It fits perfectly with the speaker, the media center, the TV, it's sturdy and it looks great. Thank you, it is exactly the way I imagined. Great work!"
- Tudor M. | May 2015
"Dear Kerry,
Just a quick note to let you know that my riser arrive today, 4/24, at around Noon. Wow that was fast since it has only been four days since we talked on the phone and I placed the order! Thank you. The riser arrived in excellent condition. It fit my Sony sound bar like a glove and handled my 60" Sony flat screen TV with no problem. It has actually improved the sound quality of my sound bar. Because of the snug yet perfect fit it provides a wood cabinet like effect for the bar resulting in a deeper, richer sound. The riser is sturdy, attractive and made from high quality material. I couldn't be more pleased Kerry. Feel free to use this email on your Review page. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I come across who is in the market for a riser."

- Mike S. | April 2015
"Hi Patrick,
I just wanted to let you know that the TV Riser came in and I could not be more happy with the craftsmanship and quality of the product. My center speaker fits perfectly under the riser and it is not hard to tell that the riser is more than strong enough to support my TV. I was so close to buying a cheap version on Amazon and I can tell you I am so happy I did not go that route. The TV Riser was worth every penny. I will certainly refer any of my friends that have similar needs to you. Not only was the riser great but it is clear that you cared about your work in how well it was packed. Again, thank you for building me a great riser."

- Ricardo O. | March 2015
"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love the custom TV Riser you made for me. It is so awesome, and fits my space perfectly. I am so glad I found your company and you were willing to take the time to help me. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment from this piece. Again, THANK YOU, and I will be contacting you again when I am in need of something you provide. Hope you have a wonderful 2015."
- Patsy G. | February 2015
"I had to let you know how perfect the riser is. I am using it under a television that is pretty much dedicated to gaming so my grandson has the Xbox and other components in there. Your work is excellent and I'll definitely pass the word. Thank you."
- Melanie H. | January 2015
"Thanks Kerry. My riser was delivered today. I really appreciate the great packing job, the excellent quality of the riser and your top notch customer service. I'll recommend you to any friends, family and business associates who might need a similar product! Have a great holiday season."
- Mark L. | December 2014
"In my experience, the Triple Tier TV Riser is the finest such product available today. The riser is perfectly constructed and finished. There's no doubt it will last more than a lifetime. Moreover, Kerry and his entire team provide the most gracious courteous accommodating customer servicce I have experienced! Kerry is an exemplary gentleman in the truest sense!"
- Joe H. | November 2014
"The product is excellent for the reasonable pricing. I plan on using Syracuse TV Risers again in the near future. You can trust them to deliver a fine product."
- Neno S. | October 2014
"Just a quick note to let you know that we got our riser today. Thanks to your excellent packaging, it arrived in perfect condition. It exceeds our expectations for appearance and craftsmanship and we could not be more pleased with it. Thank you for the care you put into the product, the packaging, and the delivery!"
- Jim & Karen T. | September 2014
"Got it today. Perfect. I appreciate the quality of the product. Nice look, great finish. Thank you for your attention to detail. Great job packaging and delivering too. I'll be recommending to friends."
- David L. | September 2014
"Received ther riser yesterday and it's exactly what I wanted. Excellent raftsmanship, and you were a pleasure to deal with-knowledgeable, professional and timely. I highly recommend you and Syracuse TV Risers. Thanks again for your excellent work."
- Jay & Julian J. | August 2014
"The TV Riser looks terrific. The Klipsch center speaker fits perfect. It's really nice to see the grain of the red oak wood. Thank you again, I'm sure I will get compliments on my TV Riser and will definitely recommend your craftsmanship and website."
- Nancy & Larry C. | August 2014
"Good afternoon Kerry, I just wanted to let you know that we received the riser last week and have put it all together with our system... it is perfect and such good quality; we are thrilled with it! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!"
- Karilyn E. | July 27, 2014
"Hi Kerry, I just received the product and it works perfect. Great craftsmanship, and adequate dimensions for my application. It's refreshing to buy from a company that offers stellar craftsmanship, quality materials, considers the environment, is affordable given the quality, and ships for free. If anyone needed a similar product, I would recommend your company without hesitation. I hope you keep up the good work."
- Mark | June 15, 2014
"One word 'AMAZING.'"
- C. Dutter | May 2014
"What you have here is a winner. I can't believe your awesome TV Risers are so affordable and safe."
- Mike G. | April 2014
"What a well built riser! Exactly as described, sturdy, attractive, functional. We are using the riser to support our TV in a wall unit around older stereo equipment. This works so well. Such a pleasure to find good quality workmanship in something not priced for the 1%, where the company takes genuine, deserved, pride in what they make."
- Mark Freeland | March 28, 2014
"I need to tell you how grateful I am for your beautiful riser. The Provincial stain is a near exact match with my bedroom set, and it is absoutely beautiful - it has been a good long while since I've seen such exquisite craftsmanship; this really is an amazing piece of furniture (thanks, as well, for picking out a beautiful grain in the oak!). The packing was perfect; it arrived without a scratch...much appreciated these days."
- Betti D. | March 2014
"We recieved the riser on Saturday. It is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely perfect. Thank you so very, very much for your great product and wonderful service."
- Elizabeth C. | February 2014
"The quality of this product is excellent. The company that produces these items are pure quality, well made. I have bought two other risers of different styles. If I need another I will cretainly buy from Syracuse TV Risers again."
- Catherine S., New York | January 19, 2014
"Perfection! Superior craftsmanship! Fast shipping! Packed perfect! Friendly! Thanks."
- William R., Kansas | January 2014
"My TV Riser works perfectly for raising bedroom TV for better viewing."
- Diana M., Ohio | December 10, 2013
"I recieved my Riser today and I love it! Very good quality and the measurements are perfect. I will not hesitate to refer anyone I can."
- Lange M., Connecticut | November 20, 2013
"Great product, I'm getting another one after I finish this feedback."
- O.Thomas, Texas | November 9, 2013
"I can attest, my TV Riser is solid and beautiful. You did a fantastic job."
- David T., Illinois | October 31, 2013

"I just recieved my Riser, "Wow, it is perfect." If you ever need a testimonial let me know. It is unfortunate but 'Delivered as promised and described' is becoming a rarity. So is communication. You excel at both."
- Mike F., New York | October 24, 2013
"Excellent craftsmanship and finish - custom size - absolute pleasure to do business with you Kerry."
- Vito N., Tennesee | September 2013
"Very well made - rock solid and heavy. Shipped quick, too! I'm impressed!"
- Medium*rare; August 10, 2013
"Awesome craftsmanship, awesome product, fast & reasonable shipping...Very Happy"
- Ccbigguy1212; June 19, 2013
"Love this product! Excellent quality and marksmanship. Highly recommended!"
- Seller144; June 18, 2013
"Well worth the cost! Excellent construction, very sturdy and beautiful."
- Shelbybia; May 19, 2013
"Professional craftsmanship & service. Very well packed & super fast delivery. A+"
- Towhombrother; April 24, 2013
"Great quality and workmanship! Custom made and done quickly! Highly recommended!"
- Snowlie2012; March 4, 2013
"Man, this is nicer than I thought it would be. Thanks, A+++++"
- Stedee-enterprizes; February 14, 2013
"I wanted to raise my SONY HD TV and I did not want to get rid of my very functional AV stand. I researched dozens of risers from various manufacturers and they all had limitations I could not tolerate, including too small internal riser dimensions (could not tuck my center channel speaker inside) obvious structural deficiencies and lack of vision in the product design. I was ready to give up when Syracuse TV Risers suddenly appeared on Amazon. Perfect design, perfect dimensions, and the back was enclosed. All pieces were assembled with Kreg Jigs. Not only are Kreg Jigs solid, but the back provides the extra stability and solidity to the vertical risers I required to trust putting my TV on top. Overall dimensions are 26”W x 14”D x 7”H. Inside dimensions are 22 ½”W x 14”D x 6 ¼”H. Holds up to 200 pounds. Kerry and crew from Syracuse kept me informed at each stage of order receipt, build and shipment. The product arrived in perfect shape and the build and finish were as good as I expected. I am keeping track of the product line to see if they come up with another product I can use. I will definitely buy from them again. Thank you."
- W. Krueger, Amazon Buyer; February 2013
"Quality piece of furniture. Buy this product if you want a solid riser."
- Wbmiller_cmiller; January 20, 2013
"A+ seller; fantastic product. Custom made for me. Fits my new 65" TV great!"
- Gamecock222; December 2, 2012
"First class craftsmanship!!! Well worth the money. You need this riser!!!"
- Mitchfried; November 26, 2012